Orma protective equipment: discover the benefits of quality

The Orma brand encapsulates all the experience that Odibì has built up in the field of protective equipment: technology, research and innovation to ensure safety, comfort, durability and higher productivity. Discover all the benefits that Orma protective equipment brings you.

Orma, quality that's cost-effective

Superior-quality, technological protective equipment

Orma PPE:

  • makes your offering stand out from your competitors’
  • gives you something to talk about beyond price
  • improves your earnings
  • helps you retain your customers
  • solves your problems

Technological protective equipment that everyone has confidence in

Orma PPE:

  • provides reliable protection and regulatory compliance
  • is certified by an Italian company, so ensures traceability and accountability
  • lasts longer, so costs you less
  • is better liked by staff, so helps you get them to use it more
  • helps you achieve your productivity and safety targets

Protective equipment that makes me feel safe and protected, but is also comfortable and fashionable

Orma PPE:

  • helps you do your job properly
  • is comfortable to wear
  • looks good
  • makes you feel safe and protected
  • doesn’t make you feel awkward or stupid

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