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From graduated protective glasses to full goggles, Odibì offers a wide range of eye protection products. All the eye protection equipment we offer is comfortable, easy to wear and made from high-quality materials.

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vision 12 reader

Code: 20650615-20-25

Safety glasses for activities that require good near vision.
Safety glasses for users of reading glasses, to offer them protection during activities that require close vision such as: cutting with abrasives, working with drills, saws, etc.

Unlike the Velor and Terminator Dioptrie models, the optical correction is extended to the entire lens.

The VISION 12 READER model is available with lenses of + 1.50 / + 2.00 / + 2.50 diopters.

Technical specifications:

  • Dioptric correction: +1.50 (code 20650615)
  • Dioptric correction: +2.00 (code 20650620)
  • Dioptric correction: +2.50 (code 20650625)
  • Easy Fit Soft temple technology
  • Soft rubber nose pad
  • Integrated side protections
  • Ventilation system
  • Sporty design
  • Excellent eye protection
  • Perfect for activities that require near vision
  • Lens color: clear
  • Lens material: polycarbonate
  • Optical Class: 1
  • Mechanical strength mark: F
  • Weight: 32 g
  • UV protection: 100%
  • Minimum quantity: 10 pieces

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